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EasyPower USB Batteries

You might not realize this, but normal AA batteries could soon become extinct.

Yes, even the rechargeable ones.

I’ll tell you why in just 2 seconds.

But before I do, can I ask you a simple question?

Ever notice how tons of survival gadgets need AA batteries to work?
Battery R.I.P.

If you did, you probably realized that creates a really big problem for survival situations.

Mainly, if SHTF you’ll need to carry a boatload of AA batteries with you so you can use your gear.

Sadly, all that extra weight could literally drag you into an early grave in a crisis.

And while that might sound extreme…that’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problem with AA batteries.

Truth is there’s another huge problem with regular alkaline rechargeable batteries that no one ever talks about…

A problem we just fixed with this revolutionary new battery!

Introducing the EasyPower USB Rechargeable Battery From Survival Frog


At first you’ll notice this battery looks pretty different.

We made it Bright Green because it’s important you never lose this battery in a crisis.

But the bright green appearance isn’t what makes this battery so special.

Instead, the reason it’s so unique, and the reason we call it the Perfect Survival Battery has to do with the way it gives you power.

And this unique way is much different than what you’re used to.

As you know, most regular batteries are made to work until they die.

Once their power is drained they go to the trash where they belong.

Because it can get expensive buying batteries just to chuck ’em in the garbage…

A lot of people spend extra money to get batteries that recharge…

It’s more than obvious that batteries like this are awesome for normal, everyday life.

Since you don’t have to throw them away you save tons of money over the life of the battery.

No doubt that’s great for your bank account.

But when it comes to using them in a survival situation…

Well, they’re about as good as their disposable cousins.
And I’m about to show you the reason why.

Look At The Simple Reason…
The EasyPower USB Battery Is Better Than Any Other AA Battery

Let me crystal clear. Rechargeable batteries are a great investment for normal everyday use.
Battery Charger

No special chargers required

When you get 1000+ uses out of one battery that’s a great use of your money.

The only problem with these batteries (especially when it comes to survival) is they require special chargers to work.

And those special chargers only work when plugged into a wall or a car.
That’s obviously a huge problem in a crisis…
Battery Charger

I mean, if you’re stuck in the woods miles from everyone, you’re not going to have a chance to bring your dead rechargeable back to life.

Meaning your dead rechargeable battery… is now as good as a dead regular one.

For years survivalists have known this was a problem.

But they didn’t have the technology to solve it.

Well the EasyPower USB Battery solves this issue in one fell swoop.

The EasyPower USB Battery is unlike any battery you’ve ever seen…

And that’s because it does something no other conventional AA battery will do.

Ready for it?

The EasyPower USB Battery uses a simple USB connection to recharge.

Meaning it works just as well in the office as it does in the wilderness…

And that my friend, makes it the best AA battery for any situation on the planet!


If Mercedes Benz & Bill Gates Had A Baby…

It Would Be the EasyPower USB Battery

The story behind the creation of the EasyPower USB Battery is positively amazing.

Back in the ‘60s Mercedes Benz developed the NiMH rechargeable battery.

Their technology was so ahead of its time it’s still the #1 technology featured in today’s rechargeable AA batteries .

Then, in the late ‘90s, Bill Gates’ team at Microsoft developed the USB.

As you know, almost all new electronic devices with built-in batteries rely on USBs for quick charging.

Then, just a few months ago, those two technologies were brought together to create the incredible battery you see on this page.

As soon as we realized how useful this technology would be in a crisis we jumped at the chance to give it to you.

The EasyPower USB Battery truly is the best rechargeable AA battery on the planet…

And not just for survival situations.

Fact of the matter is once you see how versatile this amazing battery is for use around the home…

You’ll want to switch all of your AA batteries to EasyPower USB Batteries.

And you’re about to see exactly why.

The Crazy Things The EasyPower USB Battery Does
No Other Rechargeable AA Battery Can

Like I mentioned earlier, normal rechargeable batteries only charge when you place them in a special charger…

The EasyPower USB Battery?

It charges anywhere there’s a USB port!

That gives you 100s, if not 1,000s of different options for quick charging.

Take a look at the long list of simple ways to charge your EasyPower USB Battery.

Hook it up to a computer to bring it to full power
Plug it into the back of a USB equipped TV for a charge
Use it with your phone’s USB charging block to get some juice
Link it up to a portable power bank to charge it on a whim
Have your car give it a quick jolt of energy
And more!

Computer charge TV charge Home outlet charge Pocket Jumper charge Cart outlet charge

All of these methods will quickly charge your EasyPower USB Battery.

What’s even crazier is the EasyPower USB Battery actually charges a full hour quicker than the leading brand of AA rechargeable!

Which makes the EasyPower USB Battery an awesome AA battery for use in common household electronics.

But as you probably realize, none of these quick charging methods really matter if you’re ever in a crisis…

And that’s why what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind!

The EasyPower USB Battery has an incredible ability to charge 1,000,000 miles from a power outlet.

I know you’ve never seen anything like this before!


Revealed Below How A Bright Star Will Charge Your EasyPower USB Battery

If you’re ever caught in a crisis, the odds you’ll have an outlet to charge your EasyPower USB Battery are low.

Fortunately, you’ll never need to worry about finding an outlet to charge your EasyPower USB Battery…

And that’s because you can charge it in emergencies using nothing more than the power of the sun!

How many other AA batteries can make that claim?!?!

Check it out:

Expose the USB end of your EasyPower USB Battery
Find a solar powered charger like our Pocket Light
Plug the USB into the Pocket Light and place in the sun to charge

It’s really that simple!

And that’s what makes the EasyPower USB Battery the planet’s best AA battery for survival!

When you use a solar powered charger like the Survival Frog Pocket Light you can get a charge on your AA battery anywhere in the world!

And this gives you a clear advantage in a SHTF survival situation
Free Pocket Light

Solar Pocket Light & USB Charger

Now here’s something you may not believe.

Cool thing is, I’m not even close to done telling you about all the cool reasons to own this AA battery.
4 More Incredible Reasons to Love the EasyPower USB Battery

Once your EasyPower Batteries arrive in the mail you’ll quickly discover the reasons you might never use another AA battery again!

Infinity Batteries are:

Loaded With Power: Every EasyPower USB Battery has a large capacity battery bank. With a whopping 1450 MaH, the EasyPower USB Battery has more than enough power to keep most standard electronics powered for hours of constant use.
Built to Last: The EasyPower USB Battery isn’t just a great survival tool because it charges via solar…it’s also built tough. Like other batteries, the EasyPower USB Battery features a tough metal casing. This means it’ll last a long time during terrible circumstances. The removable cap is made from a durable thermo-molded plastic so it too will stand up to almost anything, giving you peace of mind it’ll always be there when you need it!

USB Rechargeable Battery
Super Fast Charging: The EasyPower USB Battery charges in as little as 7 hours, making it one of the fastest charging rechargeable batteries around… no more waiting around for 8 hours or more to get a full charge!
Guaranteed to Save You Money: Because the EasyPower USB Battery will give you 500+ full recharges it will save your $100s of dollars when compared to buying regular batteries. Not to mention you’ll never have to trade important prepping supplies for batteries with these in your kit.

Not even the Energizer® Bunny can say his batteries are this good!

That’s why this strange looking AA battery is being hailed as one of the best survival innovations ever!

The bottom line is choosing to get the EasyPower USB Battery today will be one of the best decision you ever make.

Not only will those batteries be there to depend on in a crisis.

They’ll perfectly power any and every AA powered electronic you own.

From remotes, to flashlights, they’ll work time and time again.

And this won’t just save you money…it could possibly save your life!

Would You Like An Exclusive Deal On The EasyPower USB Battery?

It’s plain to see, the rechargeable EasyPower USB Battery is one of most useful AA batteries on the planet.

Charge it up with any USB outlet.

It recharges just like any other rechargeable battery for use in normal household electronics…

And it’ll recharge in the middle of nowhere using nothing more than the power of the sun!

That kind of dependability and versatility is worth every penny you spend on it.

Especially when you think about how useful these batteries will be in a survival situation.

These incredible batteries will save you money…
They’ll save you weight in your survival kit…
And they’ll save you from the headaches normal rechargeable batteries have.

The EasyPower USB Battery is a first of its kind technology, and is worth every penny.

A 4 pack of these multi-purpose batteries is only $29.97.

An outstanding deal when you consider they’ll save you $100s of dollars and you’ll get years of use out of them them.

Now, because you’re on this page, we’re prepared to give you an exclusive deal on the EasyPower USB Battery.

A deal you can’t get anywhere else…
Here’s How To Get a FREE $30 Pocket Light With Your Order
Free Pocket Light


Solar Pocket Light & USB Charger

I’m sure you’ll see just how valuable a single pack of EasyPower Batteries would be in your survival kit or TV remote…

You can charge them anywhere there’s a USB port.

But what are you going to do about solar charging?

The answer is simple…

Order 3 packs of EasyPower Batteries (12 batteries in total) and you’ll get a FREE Pocket Light with your order.

The FREE Pocket Light
More Than Just A Solar Charger For Your
EasyPower Batteries

The Pocket Light is one of our most popular survival tools of all time.

That’s because this hockey-puck sized survival tool is actually 4 survival tools in 1.
Pocket Light

FREE Solar Pocket Light

It’s a super-bright 65 lumen survival flashlight
It doubles as a room brightening solar lantern
It has a built-in emergency flashers for easy rescue
It’s a back up solar-powered power supply for simple charging of any USB powered device (including the AA EasyPower Batteries)

It’s lightweight, durable, and takes up very little room…

And is the perfect compliment to any bug out bag.

In the past 6 months we’ve sold THOUSANDS of Pocket Lights to the public.

With a retail value of $29.99, it’s definitely worth the money.

But on this page and this page only you can get it 100% FREE!

That’s right, you won’t pay a penny for this incredible survival tool.

To get your EasyPower Batteries…

As well as your FREE Pocket Light…

Just click the Big Orange Button below and select your quantity.

The more batteries you get get, the more FREE Pocket Lights you get too!

Don’t Wait – Click the Big Orange Button To Get Yours Today!
Here Is What Happens If You’re Not 100% Satisfied

Look, I know you’re going to love the EasyPower Batteries.

You can clearly see how these batteries are better than any AA battery out there.

But, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase of the EasyPower Batteries, your hard earned money’s protected with my 100% ” Ultra American Guarantee.”

Meaning…if you decide your EasyPower Batteries won’t to stay in your survival kit, just send me an email any time in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.

That’s all it takes to get your money back!

Plus, the EasyPower Batteries are protected with a 3-year warranty. If at any time they stop working the way you want it to, just send them back in and we’ll replace them for FREE!

And the Pocket Light? That’s yours to keep for as long as you’d like!

That’s fair, right?

To get everything Right Now and Find out more just click the button below!


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